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ISAPS Course Dhaka 2020


ISAPS President

Prof. Dirk Richter, MD


Bonner Str. 84

Wesseling, 50389


ISAPS Secretary

Ivar Van Heijningen, MD

Duinbergen Clinic

Duinbergenlaan 33

Knokke-Heist B-8301



The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) is the world’s leading professional body for board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons. Founded in 1970, ISAPS membership includes the world’s best known and respected reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeons in over 100 countries on every continent reflecting the true international mission of the organization. The ISAPS charter was signed at the United Nations in NYC.

Organization Background

The Society was founded to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and knowledge for the advancement of aesthetic plastic surgery. In addition, ISAPS has become the gold standard for providing continuing education to its members in new procedures, techniques and options in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. ISAPS surgeons are members of their national societies of plastic surgery and, in this regard, ISAPS serves as an important bridge among many different professional societies and organizations.


The Bangladesh Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Bsaps) is formed by members who are all qualified plastic surgeons, interested in the practice of aesthetic plastic surgery.

We know that aesthetic surgery can offer a wide range of benefits to our patients so familiarizing aesthetic plastic surgery in the country is an important issue. BSAPS is committed to the practice of safe aesthetic surgery which can only be ensured by training qualified plastic surgeons and also providing a safe environment where the surgeries should be performed.

Before the Miami congress in 2018, there were only four plastic surgeons from Bangladesh who were ISAPS members, but early this year a large group of plastic surgeons from Bangladesh attended the ISAPS course in Kolkata. During the course they met DR. Vakis Kontoes, who encouraged them to become ISAPS members. Immediately after returning home, we submitted applications for fast track group membership, which were rapidly processed now there are 40 members in our country raising the percentage to almost one-third of the total number of Bangladeshi plastic surgeons.

This group of ISAPS members have already started interacting by conducting meetings and aesthetic surgery workshop in the country. Topics like Fascia Scarpa Sparing, Lipoabdominoplasty, Reduction Mammoplasty, and Rhinoplasty has been touched. Non-surgical procedures like Botox, Lasers and Micro needling have included in the workshops.

Last October 2019 BSAPS members attended and presented paper/poster in the ISAPS – EASAPS Congress in Belgium. There Bangladesh entered into Global Alliance with ISAPS as the 77th nation. Prof. Sayeed Ahmed Siddiky president of BSAPS (and also ISAPS National Secretary for Bangladesh) and Prof. Dirk Richter president of ISAPS signed the historic Global Alliance agreement

BSAPS fully endorses the view of ISAPS immediate past president, Dr. Renato Saltz, the present resident, Dr. Drik Ricther, and the board of directors that residents in plastic surgery should be allowed more exposure to aesthetic surgery during their residency period. We believe that this will help young plastic surgeons to not only navigate better in the field of aesthetic surgery but also learn the tricks of the trade more efficiently. For this reason, we welcome the decision of ISAPS that plastic surgery residents can become Resident Members for free. We have planned to publish a BSAPS Journal twice a year, where our members will write articles in order to share their experiences in aesthetic surgery.

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