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Program at a glance

  • Day of Arrival
  • Course Day 1
  • Course Day 2
  • Course Day 3
  • Tour Day

11th March (Wednesday)

  • Arrival of Faculties
  • Airport Pick up
  • Hotel Check in
  • Sonargaon Historical Site Visit (11:30 – 18:30)
  • Lunch and Dinner

12th March (Thrusday)

9:15-13:30Session 1: Facelift and Blepharoplasty:
9:15-9:40Face-lifting: 13 steps to a successful result
Vakis Kontoes
9:40-10:00Anterior approach to neck reshaping
Gianluca Campiglio
10:00-10:20How to avoid complications in face lift surgery
Vakis Kontoes
10:20-10:35Hemostatic net in face lifts
Gianluca Campiglio
10:55 -11:15Coffee Break
11:15-11:40Upper and lower Blepharoplasty. Better preserving than excising How I do it
Vakis Kontoes
11:40-12:00Browpexy for enhancement of your upper Blepharoplasty results
Gianluca Campiglio
12:00-12:20Internal Browpexy – Jamal Jomah
12:20-12:40Complication in Blepharoplasty. How to avoid, how to treat
Vakis Kontoes
12:40-13:00Transconjunctival blepharoplasty
Lokesh Kumar
13:00-13:15The retro orbicular occult Fat (Roof) in upper Blepharoplasty
Jamal Jomah
14:30- 17:00Session 2: Rhinoplasty-Otoplasty
14:30-14:50Demystifying the closed approach: how can bring back the young surgeons to this fundamental procedure
Gianluca Campiglio
14:50-15:10Basic concepts in open Rhinoplasty step by step
Lokesh Kumar
15:10-15:30Diced cartilage in retroauricular fascia: an innovative method for dorsum augmentation
Gianluca Campiglio
15:30-15:50Dealing with dorsum in Augmentation Rhinoplasty
Lokesh Kumar
15:50-16:10Discussion Piezo Rhinosculpture
Jamal Jomah
16:10-16:30Exposure and modification of tip in Rhinoplasty
Lokesh Kumar
16:30-16:45Nasal dorsal Reconstruction using sleeved micro – diced cartilage graft
Jamal Jomah
16:45-17:00Prominent ear correction video
Lokesh Kumar
17:30-17:45Coffee Break
• Sayeed Ahmed Siddiky, President BSAPS
• Shafquat Hussain Khondkar, Past President SPSB
• Samanta Lal Sen, Past President SPSB
• Abul Kalam, President SPSB
• Mahbubur Rahman Chowdhury, Chairman BSH
• Vakis Kontoes, Chairman EC of ISAPS

13th March (Friday)

MorningLive Surgeries
9:00-13:30OT 1:
Facelift & Blepharoplasty +/- Fractional CO2 – Vakis Kontoes
9:00-13:30OT 2:
Reduction Mammoplasty – Gianluca Campiglio
14:00-17:00OT 1:
Rhinoplasty – Lokesh Kumar
14:00-17:00OT 2:
Rhinoplasty using microdiced cartilage – Jamal Jomah

14th March (Saturday)

9:00-11:00Session 3: Breast
9:00-9:20Primary and secondary augmentation mastopexy in your daily Practice
– Gianluca Campiglio
9:20-9:40Bottoming out and inframammary fold (IMF) violation in breast aesthetic surgery. Two different entities often confused. How to avoid and how to correct them.
– Vakis Kontoes
9:40-10:00Back to the future: why I select round and smooth implants for my patients.
– Gianluca Campiglio
10:00-10:20Breast augmentation with fat grafting
– Lokesh Kumar
10:20-10:40Difficult cases in Breast aesthetic surgery. How to manage.
– Vakis Kontoes
11:00-11:45Session 4: Non–invasive:
11:00-11:20Facial Rejuvenation: Volumizing the face, minimally invasive thread lifting or conventional aesthetic surgery?
– Vakis Kontoes
11:20-11:40Treatment of vaginal Relaxation syndrome with Erbium Laser 360-degree scanning scope via Automatic Dual model Technique.
– Jamal Jomah
11:45-12:15Coffee Break
12:15-12:45Interaction of the audience with the faculty on any topic.
12:45-13:45Session 5: Free Paper and Discussion
14:30City Tour (For foreign Guests) – Boat Trip Buriganga/ Hatirjheel, Dinner

15th & 16th March (Sunday & Monday)

  • Cox’s Bazar Tour – Longest Sea Beach in the world. (By Air)
  • Sylhet Tea Gardens Tour (By Air)
  • Sundarbans Tour – Largest Mangrove Forest & Home of the Royal Bengal Tigers (By Air)
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